Press Kit
Dan & Galla have become a favorite at fairs, festivals and special events throughout Pennsylvania. A little over 10 years ago, fresh from playing cruise ships, Atlantic City, Lake Placid and traveling across the country in a 5-piece show band, they relocated to PA and have been going strong ever since.

Their love of music and positive energy on stage appeals to all ages as they both sing and play numerous instruments. Galla is half-Russian and dances around the stage as she plays flute, balalaika (Russian 3-stringed instrument), guitar and ukulele. Dan is an accomplished pianist and plays keyboards, accordion and trumpet.

With Dan & Galla, each show is fresh and unique, with “feel-good” music from the 50's & 60s, country, patriotic, Russian and lots more. They are “so much fun”. Their show plays well on both large and small stages.  At fairs they also play for fair queen pageants, harness racing, Senior Citizen and Kids’ Days. They emcee talent, pet and dance contests. They carry a number of tambourines, shakers, flags and for the younger set, many hula hoops and the ever popular limbo.

Let’s have some fun!