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Russian Folk Music and Dance
with Dan & Galla
Member of B.D.A.A.
(Balalaika and Domra Association of America)

School Presentations
“...This was by far one of the best learning experiences our kids have ever been exposed to...3 days just wasn’t enough.” 

Susan S., teacher
The programs provided by Russian Folk Music with Dan & Galla meet most of the standards indicated by the Pennsylvania Standards for Art and Humanities.    CLICK HERE
Our school programs are educational, multi-cultural and geared for ages K—12, with a positive message. We strive for 100% participation, with over 100 students on stage with us each performance. Through participation, other cultures come alive, as does the student’s creativity and self-expression.    Dan & Galla                                                                       


“This is a terrific program that can incorporate the entire school.
Its high energy and numerous activities enabled
students to be part of every moment!”     
Mr. B., teacher

“...a great, GREAT experience for the students and teachers — me!
                   ...Student’s comments…‘Best Day This Year!’”                                 
W. Lesko, teacher   

“Galla and Dan bring their passion and energy to any school setting. They blended their culture with our children….the arts and music of Russia came alive. Galla and Dan teach with flavor, style, charm and fun.”
Paul Y., teacher

“...I love folk art now! The dancing was awesome! I loved to
                                                 dance before, but that was spectacular!”                                                             Lydia F., student  

                            “I loved the dances you taught us! Please come back next year!”                                   N. Lee, student

“In the years I have been principal, I have never had a student ask for a repeat performance….after your presentation, several students asked if it was possible to have you return later this year…
                                            You made a hit with all ages. They loved you!”                            Tracy H., Principal

“We had so much fun dancing! When I went home, I practiced…
                                                                  You rock, Dan & Galla!”                                                                                                           J. Cobler, student                                          

                                 “...Excellent program…...both entertaining and educational…”                                       Mr. K., 4th grade teacher  

Wonderful job….compliments...are still rolling in…”
R. Neff, Past President, Juniata College

“One of the best performances this school has ever encountered!”                                 Teacher, Curwensville Elementary

“I had a great time dancing. I loved the play. I liked how the performance was set up.....                                                                         our whole class loved it.”                                                               B. Gallagher, student
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